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5 Tips To Avoid Bad Faith

Law360 — As stated in an article written by MH partner Jodi Swick, insurance companies tend to make headlines when high-dollar or high-profile claims are denied. While insurance companies often have a valid reason for a determination of no coverage, a perception exists that insurance companies do not play by the rules and unfairly deny […]

Fifth Circuit Affirms Summary Judgment in Welfare Benefit Litigation

MH attorneys David McDowell and Amy Boyea successfully represented life insurer in Fifth Circuit Appeal to affirm trial court’s summary judgment in favor of life insurer regarding attempted rescission of life insurance policies issued to fund a 412 (i) welfare benefit plan.

MH Prevails in Impostor Insured Case

MH attorneys David McDowell and Jason Richardson obtained summary judgment in favor of life insurer on all claims brought by a fictitious charitable organization for insurance proceeds on the life of a non-existent person. The court found that the beneficiary of the policies utilized forged documents to misidentify an unclaimed body as that of the […]