Zolpidem Ambine information for buyers

Advise breastfeeding moms utilizing online AMBIEN to observe infants for elevated sleepiness, respiratory difficulties, or limpness. Instruct breastfeeding moms to seek immediate medical care if they discover these signs. A lactating girl may contemplate pumping and discarding breastmilk throughout treatment and for 23 hours after AMBIEN administration to attenuate drug publicity to a breastfed toddler . Advise sufferers to notify their healthcare supplier if they turn into pregnant or intend to turn into pregnant throughout treatment with AMBIEN. Advise patients that use of AMBIEN late in the third trimester might cause respiratory depression and sedation in neonates. Advise mothers who used AMBIEN during the late third trimester of pregnancy to watch neonates for indicators of sleepiness , breathing difficulties, or limpness .