Attorney Spotlight

Matthew T. Caldwell


Phone: (713) 337-8841

Fax: (713) 337-8850


Office Location: Houston

Getting to know Matthew

  • How has onboarding during COVID been?

  • Surprisingly (or not so surprisingly given the amazing people at MH), this onboarding process has been the smoothest I’ve ever had and the second most efficient; the Marines are hyper-efficient with everything they do, but not nearly as smooth as MH (nobody from MH has yelled at me for eating my lunch too slowly or made me do push-ups because I failed to tuck my shirt in properly). I’ve had Zoom meetings with everyone I am working with so I can put faces to names, as well as a Zoom meeting with all the other newly hired folks. Benefits were setup within the first few days and all other logistical steps were completed without issue.

  • What are some things you’ve worked on, so far?

  • I’m working on reviewing expert reports and depositions, drafting an MSJ, and coordinating non-party discovery with multiple entities in order to ensure we receive all the documents we need to fully defend our case.

  • What was my first concert?

  • My first real concert was a Metallica/Soundgarden concert in 1996. In the words of the mid-1990’s, “It was all that and a bag of chips, home skillet.”

  • What is my current playlist while working?

  • I’m a big fan of Pandora stations because they do a pretty good job of finding music similar to an artist one designates. My three favorite stations right now are (and yes, I am aware I will be judged harshly for my choices): Ed Sheeran Radio, Old Dominion Radio, and Kane Brown Radio. If I had to choose one more (which I don’t, but I will anyway), it would be Staind Radio.

  • Three fun facts about me (at least we think they are fun):

  • I can knit. I don’t as much anymore because I live in the greater Houston area, so warm clothes aren’t a necessity. When I lived in Michigan, though, I could be seen wearing a new hat, scarf, or set of gloves frequently.
  • I like to build things from scratch in my spare time. I’ve built furniture (beds, tables, and chairs), portrait frames, fences, and a 7-foot tall doll house, to name a few.
  • I have a weekly FaceTime call with my two best friends (we are spread out across the country) where we discuss important issues like: (1) whether it is appropriate to wear a tie with a button-down collar; (2) whether the fluted bezel on certain Rolex watches makes them look dated or classic; and (3) which Die Hard movie is the best. For the record, it is Die Hard 2, no question.


  • University of Houston Law Center, J.D., 2007
  • The University of Texas at Austin, B.B.A., Finance, 2000