Good lawyers know the law, but great lawyers craft it. McDowell Hetherington has been at the forefront of legal issues for clients helping craft appellate law around the country: MH lawyers have successfully argued before the United States Courts of Appeals for all eleven federal circuits, in countless states’ appellate courts (including Texas, California, New York and numerous others), and before the state Supreme Courts of Texas, Delaware, and Kentucky.

When a final judgment does not end a dispute, many trial firms hand off the case to an appellate specialist. Not MH—because we are appellate specialists too. The only appellate handoffs we are accustomed to are the ones that are referred to us, which they often are.

When we have worked up a lawsuit from the time it was filed, we already know every detail. That historical knowledge and comprehensive grasp of the facts and the law enables us to be both thorough and cost-effective. But we are also adept at quickly absorbing a case when we are hired to take over an appeal from trial counsel after dispositive rulings or verdicts, in both plaintiff and defense cases. MH lawyers have also been brought on by other firms to attend trial and help argue jury instructions, verdict forms, and nuanced legal issues that need to be preserved for potential appeals.

The same skills that work for us at the trial level work for us in appellate courts: elite written and oral advocacy, smart analysis, vigorous attention to detail, and relentless effort. In addition, our extensive appellate experience in federal and state courts and our national network allows us to navigate procedural differences in appeals and frame our positions in ways that are best suited to appellate forums.


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