Business & Commercial Disputes

Litigation of business disputes is the core of McDowell Hetherington’s practice, and we excel at delivering winning legal strategies in complex and high-stakes cases. We are aggressive, honest, and effective advocates for our clients. We represent a broad range of clients – public companies, private companies, small businesses, and individuals – in virtually every conceivable industry. Our depth of subject matter expertise and staffing agility allow us to handle all sizes and types of business disputes, from straightforward breach of contract cases to sophisticated “bet the company” RICO and antitrust matters, and everything in between.

McDowell Hetherington is committed to client collaboration; it is one of the core elements of our DNA. We understand that litigation is always a business decision. Your business’ decision. From the start, we work to understand your priorities and goals and use them to guide our decisions, big or small. At all times, we stress candid communication.

Our firm is committed to selecting the best attorneys for each case. We maintain open communication with clients regarding staffing to ensure that there are no surprises. We assess litigation strategy and develop a case budget with the client early on. Upon review of the complaint and relevant documentation, we have a good idea as to whether motion practice is likely to be successful or whether early settlement should be considered. The cost of defending the case and the risk factors associated with each case will, of course, play into the strategy of reaching the best resolution for the client. If experts are essential, we discuss their retention with the client and ensure the expert is tightly managed. We keep the client informed every step of the way.

Most cases do not go to trial. But the best way to position a case for dismissal or resolution is to prepare the case as if it is going to trial. When the opportunity to resolve a matter is presented, as it almost always is, we will work with the client to assess the trade-offs of proceeding to trial or resolving the matter short of the courtroom.

We are top-notch trial lawyers who actively work with our clients to employ sensible, successful trial and litigation approaches. We have argued before judges, juries, and arbitrators across the country. Whatever the subject matter – from complex energy hedging to novel financial products – we know how to present our clients’ story clearly and effectively to judges and juries.