Trials & Arbitrations

Trial litigation is our specialty, and we prepare every case as if it is going to trial. We understand most cases never make it to a jury, but our strategy from the outset assumes it may be necessary. This approach pays dividends throughout the litigation lifecycle, creates avenues for early resolutions on favorable terms, and, ultimately, saves our clients time and money.

MH is committed to client collaboration; it is one of the core elements of our DNA. We strive to understand our clients and their litigation objectives, and then forcefully advocate on their behalf. From the development of early case assessments and strategies, budgets, and tailored discovery, all the way through mediation, trials, and appeals, we firmly believe that partnering with clients leads to better results. Candid communication with our clients is the foundation of our work.

If trial is necessary, McDowell Hetherington’s attorneys are ready to shine as forceful and honest advocates. We formulate effective trial strategies that focus the court’s or arbitration panel’s attention on the relevant issues key to winning the case. Our lead counsel experience in countless state courts, federal courts, and arbitration disputes demonstrates our excellent track record of securing favorable outcomes and verdicts for our clients.

MH prides itself on our history of picking up matters mid-stream and achieving success. We are often called upon to take over as trial counsel — stepping in for other (and often bigger) firms on short notice — at any stage of litigation and in any jurisdiction.