Eminent Domain

McDowell Hetherington has achieved excellent results representing condemning authorities and property owners in all facets of condemnation, and land-use matters. MH has deep experience representing municipalities, counties, school districts, transit authorities, utilities, state, and local agencies, and other jurisdictions in a broad range of eminent domain matters, including condemnations, inverse condemnations, direct takings, easements, rights-of-way, multi-parcel acquisitions, and land-use disputes. We work aggressively to create a workable strategy with condemning authorities, appraisers, and other consultants from the outset of a public project to ensure seamless and consistent counsel at every step. We understand the complexities of the condemnation process and help authorities balance the numerous fiscal, administrative, political, and public-relations pressures that accompany such initiatives.

McDowell Hetherington attorneys understand the unique issues facing landowners during the eminent domain process and can help navigate valuations, fair pricing, compensation, relocation benefits, and other difficult terms often implicated in such matters. We have represented condemning authorities in hundreds of special commissioners’ hearings, jury trials and appellate proceedings. Recent successful projects have involved the development, construction, improvement and expansion of schools, parks, recreational areas, roads, drainage, detention centers, and other redevelopment projects.

McDowell Hetherington attorneys also represent property owners whose land is being taken by public entities through the eminent domain process. We know how to protect our clients’ property rights from eminent domain abuse and ensure that they receive all protections (particularly the right to just compensation) they are due under the Texas Constitution and other laws. We have comprehensive knowledge and experience to assist our property owner clients in all aspects of the condemnation process: from pre-condemnation planning to compensation to relocation. We routinely hire appraisers and other expert witnesses to make sure that our clients receive fair and just compensation for their property—whether at a special commissioners’ hearing or at a jury trial. Whether the condemnation is initiated by the government or a company with eminent domain power, we have the expertise and resources necessary to protect the property owner.