Life Insurance and Annuities

MH attorneys have extensive experience handling all aspects of life insurance and annuity litigation, including claims involving:

  • Agent malfeasance;
  • Applicant misrepresentations;
  • Cost of insurance disputes;
  • Coverage disputes;
  • Declaratory judgments;
  • Fraudulent and contestable benefit claims;
  • Interpleader actions;
  • Policy rescission actions;
  • Sales practice violations;
  • State insurance and consumer protection laws, including bad faith, prompt pay, and deceptive or unfair practices;
  • Suitability; and
  • Wrongful policy lapses.

Our life insurance and annuity practice group has represented national insurers and product issuers in state and federal courts across the country. MH attorneys have significant experience defending clients in claims initiated by customers, policy owners, beneficiaries, and premium finance lenders. In addition, MH regularly initiates litigation on behalf of clients that have discovered fraud, misrepresentations, and theft in connection with insurance product applications and benefit claims.

MH works closely with its clients to develop strategies and budgets that are tailored to the complexity of each case, including everything from individual policy coverage disputes to complex class actions. As a result of their experience in this area, MH attorneys are able to identify early opportunities to resolve insurance and annuity disputes, often providing its clients with substantial cost savings. Additionally, MH has successfully handled such cases through trial and appeal.