Real Estate, Landlord-Tenant, and Construction

Real estate is a unique industry that stands at the crossroads of broad constitutional property rights, highly technical consumer protection and state property codes, and traditional common law. To successfully manage real estate disputes, attorneys must be deeply familiar with these laws and how they intersect, as well as the needs and industry issues faced by property owners, developers, and managers. MH has proved itself time and time again by successfully litigating and trying a range of disputes involving property purchasers, sellers, owners, tenants, trusts, governmental entities, insurers, utilities, and agencies in disputes that arise out of buying, selling, owning, building, developing, and managing real property.


MH regularly litigates real estate transaction disputes involving claims ranging from breach of contract, lease or purchase agreement claims, to specific performance actions to enforce a buyer’s rights under a purchase agreement, to cases involving fraud, misrepresentation, and material nondisclosure against sellers or brokers. MH represents landlords and tenants in commercial lease disputes, including actions for eviction or unlawful detainer and against a new landlord following a property purchase. Even after a successful purchase, owners sometimes encounter property and boundary disputes, including easement and encroachment claims, and other forms of title disputes, all of which MH has capably handled. There is hardly any facet of property ownership dispute that MH has not handled.


MH also represents residential and commercial landlords in all aspects of property ownership and management. MH has helped some of the nation’s largest institutional property owners navigate the intricacies and technical requirements of the eviction process and state property codes, as well as providing in-depth experience to define best practices for companies to avoid litigation. MH has successfully represented some of the nation’s largest property holding companies throughout the United States in eviction proceedings, regulatory complaints, tenant bankruptcies, repair and remedy actions, security deposit disputes, construction defect cases, mold litigation brought by renters, settlement negotiations, title disputes, collections, and disputes arising out of properties purchased in foreclosure. As a law firm sensitive to the technical requirements of property law, the realities of property ownership, and the cost sensitivity of clients who have large dockets of property work, MH has carved out a landlord-tenant practice designed to maximize results and minimize the effort needed to obtain them.


MH represents developers, contractors, subcontractors, building owners, and architects in a variety of construction litigation, litigating across the country in state and federal courts and in alternative dispute resolution forums. MH has vast experience in adjoining landowner disputes, building system failures, construction design and defect cases. In construction disputes involving contractors, MH litigates design changes and deficiency disputes, project delays and disruptions, insurance coverage claims, surety issues, mechanic’s and materialman’s liens payments, and bond claims. Construction claims often also involve insolvent entities, and MH also draws from its bankruptcy experience to preserve claims and maximize recovery against insolvent parties.